Production: Body Phase Studio                                        製作單位:身體氣象館

Director/ Choreographer/ Dancer: Shou-Yuo Liu          導演/編舞/舞者:劉守曜

Premiere: 2014-9-24                                                           首演:2014-9-24

Length: 60 mins                                                                   長度:60 分鐘

Venue: Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre                     場地:牯嶺街小劇場

About  關於

Shapde5.5-Shou-Yuo Liu’s Solo Dance is the annual performance of 2014 Guling Street Avant-Garde Theater, produced by Body Phase Studio. Li-Qun Yao, director of this theatre, invited Shou-Yuo Liu to create solo work, as well as invited the video artist from Malaysia, Xiu-Yi Qu, Taiwanese experimental film director Jun-Hui Wu, Macao digital artist Shao-Zhuang Li and Hong Kong famous photographer Jian-Zhong Feng to cooperate with Shou-Yuo Liu together, for exploring the encounter of shape and shade.

Shou-Yuo Liu was backtracking his art works at the age of 50, searching the next step for his future, having desire, time, and memory as the latitude and longitude. Video images are personated to be a role, in order to make all the elements on stage relate to the subject. Only one person on stage, there are three of 16 mm projectors, two of digital projectors and a hand carried 8 mm projector with a VJ operation on live. All of this is trying to create a new relationship pattern between body and images.



Director’s Notes  導演的話

… However, why am I picking up at the age of fifty what I ceased to do on purpose, meaning the solo dance? With the chance to reconnect with the past, I realized that this is really just to face and review my past self. Nothing to do with retrospection or recording history, simply wishing to gure out where my next step is heading. Fifty years is an index of “time”, it takes that long of a time to accumulate, to be able to see the meaning of my own existence “now” through memories recorded by my “projects”.

Pin-Hsiu, co-creating artist said, “This is a process of reconstruction. In the past, projects were created based on instincts, skills and training, now we must understand why those were employed in the process of creation and the philosophy in between. What can one count on without such philosophy? That’s perhaps why we’re going solo again this time.” I’ve always felt that a creative artist may spend his/her entire life trying to create one same project when it comes to forms of performance such as solo dance, one that has much to do with personal experiences. I don’t know if I will nd such philosophy this time, but it’s worth a try.

… 然而,又為什麼在我五十歲這個時刻,要延續過去曾經刻意終止的solo形式?藉著重拾過去的機會,才發現原來做這件事其實是要去面對與檢視過去的自己。沒有回顧、不做歷史,只是希望找到下一步的方向。五十年是一個「時間」的指標,一定要這麼長的時間累積,才能在「此時此刻」透過「作品」記錄下來的記憶,來看見自己存在的意義。

共同創作人品秀說:「這是一個『重建』的過程。過去憑本能、技巧、訓練創作出來的作品,了解過去為何使用這些東西以及其中的哲學態度,沒有找出這種哲學態度,人如何安身立命?可能是這次要做獨舞這件事的原因。」我總覺得像獨舞這種跟個人經驗關係密切的表現形式,創作者可能一輩子都在創作同一個作品。此次雖然不知能否找得到這種哲學態度,但仍值得一試。 (摘錄自首演節目單)

Video  影片

  1. Shapde 5.5劉守曜獨舞- trailer I」,   YouTube。
  2. Shapde 5.5劉守曜獨舞-trailer II-1」,YouTube 。
  3. Shapde 5.5劉守曜獨舞-trailer II-2」,YouTube。
  4. Shapde 5.5劉守曜獨舞- trailer III」, YouTube。
  5. 2014 身體氣象館劇團《Shapde5.5 – 劉守曜獨舞》(馬克白 3mins)」,YouTube。

LYQ20140531《Shapde 5.5》錄影╳攝影 125

Photo by Yu-Quan Lin  林育全/攝

Credit List  演職員表

Production: Body Phase Studio                                          製作單位:身體氣象館
Producer: Lee-Chun Yao                                                      製作人:姚立群
Rehearsal Director: Pin-Hsiu Chen                                     排練指導:陳品秀
Director/ Choreographer/ Dancer: Shou-Yuo Liu            導演/編舞/舞者:劉守曜
Film & Visual:                                                                         影片/影像:
Coordinator/16mm/Digital: Sow-Yee Au(Malaysia)         統籌/十六釐米/數位:區秀詒 (馬來西亞)
8mm/16mm: Chun-Hui Wu                                                 八釐米/十六釐米:吳俊輝
Digital: Sio-Chong Lei (Macau)                                             數位:李少莊(澳門)
Stage: Chi-Tsung Wu                                                             舞台:吳季璁
Lighting: Shen-Chuan Huang                                               燈光:黃伸全
Music: Sandra Tavali                                                             音樂:李婉菁
Costume: Po-Ching Ho                                                         服裝:何柏青
Stage Manager: Yi-Chin Chang                                            舞台監督:張以沁
Executive production: Yung-Hung Wang,                          執行製作:王永宏、楊凱婷                       Kai-Ting Yang
Photos: John Feng (Hong Kong), Ping Hsu,                        攝影:馮建中(香港)、許斌、林育全   Yu-Quan Lin
Documentary: Ting-Chun Huang                                        錄影紀錄:黃鼎鈞

LYQ20140531《Shapde 5.5》錄影╳攝影 077

Photo by Yu-Quan Lin  林育全/攝