Production: Yi-Sin Taiwanese Opera Troupe                  製作單位:一心戲劇團

Director: Shou-Yuo Liu                                                       導演:劉守曜

Script: Three Penny Opera by Bertolt Brecht                 劇本:布萊·希特《三便士歌劇》

Adaption: Jian-Guo Liu                                                       改編:劉建幗

Premiere: 2012-9-1                                                             首演:2012-9-1

Venue: Da-Dao-Cheng Variety Hall                                   場地:大稻埕戲苑

* 2012 "The Taipei Arts Festival" co-production program. Date: 2012-9-1/2
* 2020 Reproduction, invited by "Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center". Date: 2010-9-12/13

* 2012年「台北藝術節」邀請製作。演出日期:2012-9-1/2
* 2020年「台灣戲曲中心」邀請重演。演出日期:2020-9-12/13

About  關於

While the Asian traditional theater is consistently re-interpreting of Shakespeare script with their traditional skills as a modernization strategy, Yi-Sin Taiwanese Opera Troupe goes in different way. They adapted Three Penny Opera of German playwright Bertolt Brecht into the integration of contemporary and Taiwanese local Hu-Bei-Zai opera “Where is Mackie? Not only echoing Brecht’s affirmation of Chinese opera, but also exploring the boundary of tradition with bold and innovative spirit.

Director Shou-Yuo Liu keep the narrator of Brecht’s style in this play, with a leap, quick rhythm, to have the plot to process fluently. The performance highlights the characteristics of Taiwanese local Hu-Bei-Zai opera, joined the Western musical instruments, and remixed the tones of Taiwanese traditional opera with pop. The fancy modern design of costume and stage, as well as the lyric of Taiwanese daily spoken dialect, are showing a vibrant energy of Taiwan people.



Story  故事

Where is Mackie? is adapted from Three Penny Opera, one of Bertolt Brecht’s works. Mackie, the character unseen throughout the play, is an original addition.

On the eve of the Lantern Festival, Feng City – the most affluent city in China – busily prepares for the unwise emperor’s visit.

While Feng City is generally prosperous, there is an enormous gap between the rich and the poor, and the state of public security is deterioration. Still, the government does its best to drown the site of the festivities in decorations, and the sycophant covert up the economic divide between social classes with all resources of the city, creating an illusion of peace.

Beggar Su’s mendicant conglomerate is his lifetime work. He commands an army of “fake beggars” or con artist who cheat people out of their money through appeal to their celebrations, in order to shatter the illusion of prosperity and harmony. He wants to show the emperor the ugly truth about the suffering poor. This may seem an act of justice, but is really Su’s selfish scheme to keep his daughter from marrying the head of the bandits, Hao-Ran Mo.

Meanwhile to welcome the emperor, the government chases away the homeless, appropriates civilian housing, collects extra taxes and tortures people, all to maintain an illusion of peace. These foul acts, broadcast by the city storyteller, give rise to powerful public pressure on the emperor to punish the city government and release Mo, who brings the emperor the news. The emperor even goes so far as to give him 1000 gold nuggets.

However, do we really know what happened? Let us try to uncover the truth behind the lies by asking: Where is Mackie?



Photo by Jane-Ting Huang   黃正婷/攝

Credit List      演職員表

Production: Yi-Sin Taiwanese Opera Troupe                  製作單位:一心戲劇團
Company Director: Rong-Hui Sun                                     團長:孫榮輝
Producer: Fu-Rui Sun                                                          製作人:孫富叡
Artistic Consultant: Qi-Feng Zhang                                   藝術顧問:張啟豐
Director: Shou-Yuo Liu                                                        導演:劉守曜
Script: Jian-Guo Liu                                                              編劇:劉建幗
Actors: Yi-Sin Taiwanese Opera Troupe                           演員:一心戲劇團全體演員
Music: Yu-Guang Ho                                                            音樂:何玉光
Fighting Scene: Rong-Hui Sun                                            武打:孫榮輝
Choreography: Shih-Pei Sun                                              身段:孫詩珮
Assistant Director: Guan-Fei Lin                                        副導演:林冠妃
Stage: Ri-Jun Huang                                                             舞台:黃日俊
Lighting: Pei-Yin Wu                                                            燈光:吳沛潁
Costume: Jian-Guo Xie                                                        服裝:謝建國
Choreographer: Zhao-Xian Chen                                      舞蹈:陳昭賢
Stage Manager: Pei-Yin Wu                                                舞台監督:吳沛潁
Photos:  Jane-Ting Huang                                                   攝影:黃正婷


Photo by Jane-Ting Huang   黃正婷/攝