Production: Taiwan BangZi Opera Company                 製作單位:台灣豫劇團

Director: Shou-Yuo Liu                                                       導演:劉守曜

Script: Ru-Fang Shi                                                              編劇:施如芳

Premiere: 2016-11-4                                                           首演:2016-11-4

Length: 168 mins                                                                 長度:168 分鐘

Venue: Kaohsiung Culture Center                                    場地:高雄中正文化中心至德堂

Story  故事

Wings of Horses Against the backdrop of history and myths, the love story of a princess is told, whose spirit became immortal after her flesh succumbed to the mortal fate, and whose love story propelled dramatic changes at a troubled time. Following up on their three-thousand-year historical epic, “Women are Renamed”, playwright Ju-fang Shih and director Shou-yuo Liu unite thought and sentiment in a new legend tailor-made for today’s generation of young Bangzi stars. Yang-ling Hsiao and Chian-hua Liu star as dan and sheng, female and male leads. They will share the stage with Hai-ling Wang, the Queen of Bangzi, and the eminent performer of young male roles, Hai-Shan Chu. Caught in the tides of historical changes, none can escape the vicissitudes of fortune. Who dares say they are master of their fate? Princess Yu Wen, Wu-shuang is to be married to a prince of the Turkic Empire. On her journey to the foreign land, she meets her royal bodyguard Zhang Sun, Sheng. What effect will their nighttime encounter in the remote desert have on the rise and fall of dynasties, the friendship and enmity of tribes? Legends of the grassy plain speak of a mythical beast: the winged horse. When the darkest hour comes for the princess and her general, does this creature signify hope, or is it an omen of their impending fate?

歷史與神話交織 飛度公主的愛與死 亂世裡輕如鴻毛的兒女情長 暗藏雷霆萬鈞的歷史動力 重磅編劇施如芳vs. 深情導演劉守曜 繼穿越時空三千年的《巾幗‧ 華麗緣》後再度搭檔 為豫劇青年臺柱量身打造歷史大戲 臺灣豫劇團當家旦角蕭揚玲/ 當家小生劉建華 領銜主演 豫劇天后王海玲/ 第一小生朱海珊 同臺力挺 歷史長河裡,每個人都活在變遷中,誰能作得了自己?宇文無雙與長孫晟,在和親突厥的路上邂逅,大漠暗夜,一場迷途,將如何牽動朝代興亡、部族分合的政治現實? 草原民族傳說中的神獸—飛馬,是公主與名將走投無路時的轉機?抑或預言了兩人的命運? 編劇施如芳從長孫晟護送公主和親的史實為起點,採倒敘回溯,並結合飛馬神話,編寫兩位主人公的命運糾葛。背景設定大漠草原,在政治爭鬥與權力謀篡的夾縫內,劇中人物下意識尋找生命中的綠洲,將短促即逝的美好永藏心中。 公主的婚姻往往取決於政治考量,宇文無雙與長孫晟的相遇注定成為一個美麗的錯誤。在家國利益與私人情感的衝突中,二人如何面對愛情的期待與渴望? 遇見飛馬,命隨運轉,神獸似乎也捉弄了眾人的命運,更為這段淒苦虐心的大漠戀曲,增添了幾分耐人尋味的神祕暗示。(摘錄自DVD文案)

Director’s Notes  導演的話

Wings of Horses is a whole new traditional opera about fate. The story contains complete plots and structure, very different from the experimental narrative style of Women Are Renamed. Working again with the Taiwan BangZi Opera Company, what I think is how to make traditional opera get into the modern aesthetics and rhythm. How to integrate martial arts, dance, music, light, video…etc., all the elements on stage can be their own and help debating the theme at the same time. How to find modernity in traditional, it is my biggest subject.

In order to show the whole life of this historical character of the play in a short time, as well as symbolizing human’s rotation when human fights with fate. We built three high walls to cover the stage as a box, projected images to show the paces of main character had been. Finally, audience saw the characters on the fate of the endless struggle, saw the actors exhausted on the stage of life, saw people in three walls were desperately looking for an exit. When no ways out, they would finally turne to face the fourth wall, to face the evaluation of historian, the media, people, you and me. No matter how cruel, it’s always a bubble of dream. Only when struggling, fighting and confrontation, people can feel their existence.





Credit List      演職員表

Production: Taiwan BangZi Opera Company                  製作單位:台灣豫劇團
Producer: Hong-Zhi Peng                                                   製作人:彭宏志
Artistic Director: Shin-Huei Lin                                          藝術總監:林幸慧
Director: Shou-Yuo Liu                                                        導演:劉守曜
Assistant Director: Guan-Qun Ying                                   副導演:殷冠群
Script: Ru-Fang Shi                                                               編劇:施如芳
Actors: Taiwan BangZi Opera Company                          演員:台灣豫劇團全體演員
Stage: Hao-Jie Gao                                                               舞台:高豪傑
Lighting: Nuo-Xing Huang                                                   燈光:黃諾行
Composer: Bao-Xun Xu                                                       編腔:許寶勛
Arranger: Wei-Min Ji                                                            配器:嵇為民
Conductor: Yi-Qian Zhou                                                    指揮:周以謙
Choreographer: Lan-Lan Mo                                              編舞:莫嵐蘭
Costume: Heng-Zheng Lin                                                  服裝:林恆正
Muti-media: Yi-Jun Xu                                                          多媒體影像:徐逸君
Stahe Manager: Bing-Zhu Yang                                         舞台監督:楊秉儒
Executive: Juan-Fei Lin                                                         執行製作:林娟妃
Rehearsal Assistant: Jun-Hao Du                                       導演助理:杜雋豪