Production: National Performing Arts Center:               製作單位:國家表演藝術中心兩廳院

National Theatre & Concert Hall

Director: Shou-Yuo Liu                                                       導演:劉守曜

Script: Tennessee Williams’s                                              劇本:田納西ž威廉斯

“27 Wagons Full of Cotton”                                                           《滿滿二十七輛車的棉花》

Adaption: Wan-Shun Shih                                                  改編:石婉舜

Premiere: 2014-9-2                                                             首演:2014-9-2

Length: 70 mins                                                                   長度:70 分鐘

Venue: Toga Theatre, Toga, Japan                                    場地:利賀山房, 日本利賀

*MY BABY DOLL was the production for the “Asia Theatre Directors' Festival" which Shou-Yuo Liu was invited by Japan Stage Arts Foundation in 2014.

*《我的洋娃娃》是劉守曜於2014年 受邀參加由日本舞台藝術基金會主辦之「亞洲導演競賽」的參賽作品。

*In 2015, MY BABY DOLL was invited to “Innovational Series of Drama" of National Performing Arts Center: National Theatre & Concert Hall. It's the Taiwan premiere. The production company is Creative Society Theatre Company, premiered at 2015-5-15 in Experimental Theatre.
*《我的洋娃娃》於2015年參加國家表演藝術中心兩廳院主辦之「新點子劇展」,於台灣正式發表。 由創作社劇團製作,於2015-5-15 在實驗劇場首演。

Story  故事

My Baby Doll is an adaption from American playwright Tennessee Williams’s play: 27 Wagons Full of Cotton (1946). It is a comedy about sexual desire and gender politics. One day, a young toy factory manager of a multinational corporation encountered an innocence housewife, coupled with her greedy husband. The relationship among three of them was entangling deeper and deeper by the investigation of an arson.


Director’s Notes  導演的話

I have always been intrigued with Tennessee Williams’s play, particularly with the women characters and their intricate emotional entanglement while struggling against the predicament they’re trapped in. The more perplexed they are, the more interesting I find. Behind the desperate struggle are the inevitable consequences of desire, history and ideology.

When I first read 27 Wagons Full of Cotton earlier this year, I found it respectable that Williams had insightful observation and merciless criticism on desire and greed of human beings as well as the racist and gender oppression reinforced and deepened by capitalism in the 1940s. However, the damages imposed by corporate capitalism on local traditional industries at that time has now escalated and become the oppression of transnational capitalism and globalization upon local industries. While the capitalism transforms along with the time, the increasing oppression remains unchanged but appears in differ guises even in a society where gender liberalization and respect for diverse cultures and ethnic groups seemingly prevail. There still exists dualism that the oppressors as revealed in the original play seem to be the oppressed at the same time. Based on such understanding, i decide to adopt the concept of theatre of the Absurd to re-interpret the play so as to highlight the universality of the motif and the sense of absurdity existing un the modern context. Therefore, without violating the organizer’s rules pf competition, I invite Dr. Wan-Shun Shih, who teachs drama in a university, to jointly rewrite the script for the performance.   -2014-8-7


今年初讀《滿滿二十七輛車的棉花》劇本時,覺得威廉斯對1940年代美國資本主義社會正強化人們的慾望與貪婪、深化種族的烙印與性別壓迫的種種觀察與批判,相當值得尊敬。只是,當時資本主義托拉斯化危害地方傳統產業的問題,至今已升級為跨國資本主義、全球化對本土產業的壓迫;同時,在資本主義隨時間不斷變形的狀態下,看似性別解放、尊重多元族群的今日,壓迫卻仍以各種不同的面貌借屍還魂,而原著揭示被壓迫者往往也具有壓迫者的兩面性問題,也始終存在。由此理解出發,也為了彰顯主題的普遍性與當代情境的新的荒謬感,我最後決定採用「荒謬劇」的概念來進行演繹。於是邀請了在大學教授戲劇的石婉舜一起工作,在不違反主辦單位競賽規則之下,共同進行演出劇本的編修。  (摘錄自首演節目單)

Video 影片

  1. 2014 創作社劇團《我的洋娃娃》(2mins)」,YouTube。




Photo by Jian-Zhe Tung  唐健哲/攝

Credit List  演職員表

*2014 Japan Premiere 日本首演

Production: National Performing Arts Center:               製作單位:國家表演藝術中心-兩廳院         National Theatre & Concert Hall
Producer: Man-Ching Hsia                                                 製作人:夏曼青
Tour Manager: Chien Tung                                                 巡演經理:董騫
Director: Shou-Yuo Liu                                                        導演:劉守曜
Script: Tennessee Williams’s                                               劇本:田納西×威廉斯                                  “27 Wagons Full of Cotton”                                                           《滿滿二十七輛車的棉花》
Adaption: Wan-Shun Shih                                                   改編:石婉舜
Actors: Man-Ying Lu, Yuan-Ling An, Yi-Yung Huang        演員:呂曼茵、安原良、黃毅勇
Stage: Yu-Quan Lin                                                               舞台:林育全
Lighting: Chih-Hsiang Lee                                                    燈光:李智翔
Music: Tao Jiang                                                                    音樂:蔣韜
Costume: Bing-Hao Lin                                                        服裝:林秉豪
Stage Manager: Chih-Hsiang Lee                                       舞台監督:李智翔
Executive Producer: Ko-Yun Wu                                         執行製作:吳可雲
Rehearsal Assiatant: Kai-Ting Yang                                    排練助理:楊凱婷
Technical Crew: Yann-Ming Ding                                        技術執行:丁彥銘
Photos: Yu-Quan Lin                                                             攝影:林育全
Interpreter: Mu-Ju Tsan                                                        翻譯:詹慕如

*2015 Taiwan Premiere 台灣演出

Production: Creative Society Theatre Company             製作單位:創作社劇團
Producer: Hui-Na Lee                                                          製作人:李慧娜
Director: Shou-Yuo Liu                                                        導演:劉守曜
Script: Tennessee Williams’s                                               劇本:田納西·威廉斯                                   “27 Wagons Full of Cotton”                                                           《滿滿二十七輛車的棉花》
Adaption: Wan-Shun Shih                                                   改編:石婉舜
Actors: Man-Ying Lu, Yuan-Ling An, Yi-Yung Huang        演員:呂曼茵、安原良、黃毅勇
Stage: Yu-Quan Lin                                                               舞台:林育全
Lighting: Tien-Hung Wang                                                   燈光:王天宏
Music: Tao Jiang                                                                    音樂:蔣韜
Costume: Bing-Hao Lin                                                        服裝:林秉豪
Stage Manager: Yi-Chien Lee                                              舞台監督:李宜倩
Executive Producer: Li-Mei Jwo                                          執行製作:卓麗梅
Rehearsal Assistant: Kai-Ting Yang                                    排練助理:楊凱婷
Photos: Jian-Zhe Tung                                                          攝影:唐健哲


Photo by Jian-Zhe Tung  唐健哲/攝