Director, actor, performer and dancer. Since 1987, Shou-Yuo LIU has been working in theatre and experienced in directing, and acting till now. He is known for the cross-boundary collaboration works (including Drama, Dance, Chinese Opera and Digital Technology) and physical solo dance performance, had been participated in the production of art festivals in Seoul, Berlin, and New York.

In Recent years, he had collaborated with Digital Art Foundation, Digital Art Center, ET@T for the project of Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by Shou-Yuo Liu. And worked with Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company and Yi-Sin Taiwanese Opera Company to create Wings of Horses, Women are Renamed and Where is Mackie? these productions.Joined in the program of Asian Directors’ Festival TOGA 2014 in Japan, presented the work of My Baby Dolls. At the same time, he was invited to direct Old Times(script by Harold Pinter) in Seoul Korea. Dance Forum Taipei Dance Company had presented his Love till the End of the World(a collaboration of digital technology and dance).

And his solo dance works, Shaman- Working in Progress, SHAPDE5.5 – Shou-Yuo Liu, Solo Dancehave been well received.


近年與台灣數位藝術中心、「在地實驗」合作:Archive or Alive:劉守曜獨舞數位典藏」,與台灣豫劇團、一心戲劇團合作導演新編戲曲《飛馬行》、《巾幗˙華麗緣》和歌仔戲《Mackie 踹共沒?》。參與日本亞洲導演競賽發表《我的洋娃娃》,並受邀赴韓執導哈洛˙品特劇本《今之昔》。與舞蹈空間舞團合作結合科技、舞蹈作品《世界末日這天,你會愛誰?》和《窗》,以及執導創作社劇團舞台劇《愛錯亂》。

同時並發表頗獲好評的獨舞系列《薩蠻 – 發展中作品》及《Shapde5.5 - 劉守曜獨舞》…等。
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